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Remote start, roadside assistance, and more from your phone with Ford

How do you use the FordPass app?

These days, our phones are practically an extension of our hands. In today’s world, we are more connected than ever, but that can benefit us in so many different ways. Convenience is literally at our fingertips, and Ford has jumped on that with the FordPass app. This app offers a lot to keep you connected to your Ford vehicle so you can stay on top of some of its diagnostics and more. How do you use the FordPass app? Read ahead for how it can work for you. 

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What the FordPass app can do 

The FordPass app can make the Ford ownership process easier than ever with some of its functions. Connect to your vehicle and start it remotely from your phone. You can also lock and unlock it from afar using the app, and you can even get some vital statistics on the Ford for that moment. Use FordPass to check your fuel levels so you’ll know if you need to stop at the gas station on your way home. Has it been chilly out and your tire pressure has suffered as a result of the fluctuating temperatures? You can see the current tire pressure right from your phone as well. Are you forgetful of where you parked in that vast hostile landscape of a parking lot you had to park in to get to work or classes? You can use FordPass to locate it, too.  

FordPass and select connectivity features with the app are available features on most new Ford models made from 2017 all the way to the present, but to get more specifics, be sure to contact us and speak with one of our product experts on which Ford model you’d like to see and what FordPass can do for you. 

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