What Is FordPass™?

FordPass™ is a free journey assistant that's designed to simplify your drives. The FordPass app is available for both Apple® and Android™ devices and includes everything you need to optimize your journeys when you're already on the go. The app can do everything, from helping you find a nearby gas station, to helping you locate a parking space in 160+ cities. It also includes the Perks program, which makes your journeys worth the while, and FordHub to help you discover new places where you're traveling. Plus, FordGuides will give you access to FordPass experts who can always chat live or on the phone to answer any additional questions you might have. Learn more about the different parts of the FordPass app with us, and talk to the team of tech experts at our Valdosta, GA, Ford dealership if you have additional questions.

Is FordPass Free?

Yes, FordPass is a free app that you can download on the Apple® App Store or on Google Play™.

How Do I Login to My FordPass App?

You can access the FordPass App and all its features right from your smartphone, or login to FordPass here.

What Can I Do in the FordPass App?

Parking using the Ford Pass
Vehicle Information using Ford Pass
Find Fuel using Ford Pass


Use the FordPass App to locate a parking spot quickly before you arrive at your destination. When spots are marked with a calendar icon in the app, you can reserve them ahead of time and pay within the app.




Use FordPass to access key vehicle information right from your smartphone. You can schedule Ford service appointments, access your service history, check your fuel levels and start your car all from your app.

Find Fuel

You can use FordPass to locate the nearest gas stations, and even filter by fuel grade or brand. You can also compare fuel prices of nearby stations to ensure you're getting the most for your money.

My Wallet

It's easy to store your credit card or debit card information within the FordPass App. This way, you can pay for parking and other transactions quickly!

Ford Credit

If you financed your Ford at our Valdosta, GA, Ford dealership, you'll be able to access your payment history and schedule from your smartphone. FordPass is the fastest, easiest way to stay on top of your monthly payments.


When you come to Langdale Ford for your routine service visits, you can pay quickly using FordPay

What Are FordGuides?

As a part of FordPass, you can connect with a friendly FordGuide anytime you need assistance throughout your journey. Whether you want to speak to a Ford expert over the phone or start a chat from your app, our FordGuides are here to help you! From roadside assistance to questions about FordPass, they can help you with anything. Frequent requests we?re happy to answer include:

  • Reset my password
  • Help me find a Ford dealership
  • Call a tow truck
  • I need help using FordPass

What Are FordHubs?

When you're on the go, you can use FordHub to learn more about the new places you'll be exploring. This is also the place to learn more about the current innovations happening at Ford, and the future of mobility. Learn more about the automotive industry through FordHub!

What Are FordPass Perks?

FordPass Perks is how we say thank you for always including us on your journey. Ask the Langdale Ford team about current FordPass Perks!